Rebel Becomings: Queer(y)ing School Spaces with Young People

Year: 2019

Author: Coll, Leanne, Ollis, Debbie

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Interrogating dominant heteronormative landscapes of schooling is not something that only adults-researchers-educators do. Young people themselves are active agents who negotiate, disrupt and interrogate dominant discourses of sex-gender-sexuality that permeate their everyday lives and schooling experiences.

This paper draws on data from on an ongoing participatory activist research project with one urban Australian secondary school Feminist Collective (Fem Co) which focuses on interrogate enduring gender-sexuality injustices in young people’s school and communities that matter most to them.

Inspired by queer-feminist scholarship, this paper argues that re-positioning young people as active agents in problematizing and rupturing the boundaries of heteronormativity provides necessary opportunities to account for the transformative potentiality of school spaces. Part of the function of this paper, is to look beyond what is broken and to diversify the stories we hear about young people in queer and feminist orientated research and education.