Learning about Learning

Year: 1995

Author: Beck, Margaret, Butcher, Jude, Moran, Wendy

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This is a report of a study examining Graduate Diploma of Education students' approaches to learning in a professional skills unit. The unit was organised on the basis of adult learning principles with a wide variety of learning strategies, in order to be responsive to the needs of the students as prospective teachers. This unit aimed to develop students' skills and understandings about curriculum planning, and measurement and evaluation and their use of teaching strategies within curriculum frameworks.

Opportunities, in the form of ordered trees, questionnaires, journal keeping and self evaluations, were given to the students to evaluate their learning and its relation to their preferred learning styles.

Students' responses were analysed with respect to surface and deep learning approaches and their ability to apply their knowledge to field or case study situations. The paper also reports upon the tools used for assessing students' understanding and application of their knowledge.