Yarning about approaches to Indigenise curriculum and pedagogy in Health and Physical Education research and practice

Year: 2019

Author: Welch, Rosie, Sheppard, Lee, ., lisahunter, Wrench, Alison, Whatman, Sue, Dinan-Thompson, Maree

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Up until this point, with few exceptions (Edwards & Meston, 2008; Nelson, 2008; Dinan Thompson 2013; Whatman et al., 2017, Evans et al. 2018), there has been little engagement with research or resources about Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledges in relation to the Australian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education, pedagogies and/or assessment. In this round table discussion, each of the presenters will share a 7-10 minute story about their methods of practice or research in Indigenising health and/or physical education. The presenters’ stories span across research and practice in teacher education, schooling and community development. The focus of the round table is to take stock of the necessity, challenges and opportunities of Indigenising (Williamson and Dalal, 2007) curriculum and pedagogy in HPE as it relates to reconciliation, the ‘cultural interface’, social justice, colonising accountability, white privilege, ontopolitics and resistance. Following the individual story-presentations the group will discuss axes of challenges, opportunities and educational politics across our work. We aim to have productive conversation with deep listening to explore where we are at and where are we going.

Lee Shephard - Yarning Circles, Dadirri and deep and respectful listening

lisahunter - Acknowledgement of Country and cultural competency in HPE narratives: Decolonizing white patriocolonialism, embodying reconciliation?

Alison Wrench - Culturally responsive pedagogy: I didn’t know you could do that in HPE!

Sue Whatman – History of/and HPE – knowing how and when to ‘disrupt’ HPE

Rosie Welch- Native Australian Foods/ endogenous foods/ 'bush tucker' / challenges and opportunities in food and nutrition education

Maree Dinan-Thompson - Where to from here?