Staring down the barrel or looking out the window: digital technology and potential futures for HPE

Year: 2019

Author: Tenorio, José, Gard, Michael, Leahy, Deana, Lupton, Deborah, Pluim, Carolyn

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

In this last presentation of this symposium, we will report current, potential or 'nightmarish' HPE digital technology scenarios from across data sources.

Firstly, we will describe the role of researchers in a study of this type. There is the obvious potential for ‘data overload’ and we needed to make judgments about when particular data sources have been sufficiently exploited so that more attention can be directed to other sources.

Secondly, we will comment about decisions about what features of artifacts are of interest and, therefore, worth recording. These are important matters that can not be left to the research assistant alone.

In both cases, we will give some examples of ethical and epistemological issues.

Lastly, the researchers will describe examples of the different forms digital HPE is taking. We harvested from a wide range of sources, the most obvious being smartphone apps, teaching resource catalogues, advertisements, professional development programs for teachers, curriculum support documents, websites, social media platforms for teachers (such as dedicated Facebook pages) and magazines. Another important source will be the websites, YouTube videos and publications of the digital HPE entrepreneurs that now exist.

We will offer some concluding comments about the current 'state of play' in digital technology in schools and potential and possible future scenarios. For example, the diversity in resources from school to school is probably getting larger. On the other hand, the philosophy of teachers might also be might effect the usage or non-usage gadgets and software.