A failure to deliver: A poststructural analysis of education policy in Indigenous education.

Year: 2019

Author: Lowe, Kevin

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

As many commentators have pointed out, deficit discourses continue to permeate Aboriginal education, through policies, curriculum, pedagogy and the structures and day-to-day practices of education This presentation examines how Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander students, families, communities and cultures are represented in government policy documents. In particular, this review examines key New South Wales (NSW) government policies in Aboriginal education, from a poststructural perspective that focuses on how problems, and solutions to problems, are represented in the policies themselves. This approach scrutinises the “unexamined ways of thinking” in policy documents and enables the identification of the underlying assumptions upon which these policies rely. The authors argue that what is said in these documents have important implications for Aboriginal students, families, communities and cultures because they make very particular ways of thinking appear sensible, logical and even desirable.