The key to promoting educational equity is to provide quality learning opportunities: evidence from weak schools

Year: 2019

Author: Han, Haitang, Wang, Ying

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

The proper pursuit of educational equity is to realize the free and comprehensive development of students. Under the principle of distributive justice, students in weak schools have obtained certain educational resources, but they have not really received fair and quality education. Through interviews and classroom observation of students in two weak schools, we find that the bottleneck restricting the development of students in weak schools is the lack of high-quality learning opportunities. The main manifestations are as follows: Firstly, the school despises the courses other than the main subjects and neglects the development of students' comprehensive quality. Music, fine arts and integrated practical activities courses lack full-time teachers, especially the latter, which often give way to the main courses. The number and types of extracurricular activities are few, and students' satisfaction with them is low. Secondly, the quality of teaching is low. For example, the teaching process is arbitrary; teachers lack the necessary classroom management and interactive skills; teaching methods are outdated and single, and they do not carry out group cooperative learning and inquiry learning in a substantive sense. All of these make it difficult for weak school students to improve their academic achievements significantly, and their comprehensive qualities, such as practical ability, research learning ability, critical thinking, innovation ability and cooperation ability, which should be developed, also fail, which violates the proper meaning of education equity. Therefore, weak schools should base themselves on the current situation and provide high-quality learning opportunities for students by improving curriculum and teaching, so that students can really enjoy fair and quality education and promote their all-round development.