Construction and Practice of "Educational Justice Logic" for Weak School Teachers

Year: 2019

Author: Wang, Ying, Han, Haitang

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

The formation and realization of value norms are carried out in a specific space field, and the connotation of educational justice varies with space.This article mainly discusses what kind of justice logic teachers constructed in the interaction with the space field of weak schools, and how they practice this kind of justice logic in practice.At the national level, the promotion of "the all-round and free development of everyone" is the connotation of educational justice.However, after three months of field observation of a weak school and in-depth interviews with eight teachers, we found that teachers had established a new "logic of justice" in the process of interacting with the weak school field.That is, through the improvement of academic performance to achieve the flow of social strata of students and promote inter-generational equity.Faced the conflict caused by the different logic of justice between school and the state, teachers have also developed their unique practical logic.In the current institutional situation, they have adopted a variety of hidden ways to resist a series of policies and measures promulgated by the state aimed at weakening examination-oriented education, and have become a huge policy "filter."This discovery helps reformers to think about the formulation and implementation of educational policy from the perspective of the spatial nature of educational justice.