Age, gender, and individual differences in children's explanatory style

Year: 1994

Author: Yates, Shirley M., Afrassa, Tilahun M.

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Although a large volume of research has investigated explanatory style (i.e., attributional style) in adults, little research has been conducted with children. In this project the Children's Attributional Style Questionnaire (CASQ) was administered to 292 children from Years 3 to 7 in two Adelaide metropolitan primary schools in term 1, 1993. The resultant data were analysed with the Rasch procedure using the QUEST program and examined with respect to age, gender, and individual differences.

The overall robustness of the CASQ was confirmed, with clear findings with respect to age and individual differences being highlighted by the Rasch analysis. Some gender item bias was evident from the item bias analysis using the Beta version of the ITEM BIAS computer program. Conclusions for further studies and educational practice are drawn.