The role of theatre in research – An exploration of how theatre could serve as a medium of data collection in projects related to children and young people

Year: 2019

Author: Wijesinghe, Thilinika

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Theatre and stage drama dates back to the beginning of time on earth when every movement, action and gesture was re-interpreted as a movement involved in delivering a message. Before theatre was formally introduced, Thespis of Icaria (now Dionysus, Greece) had recited lines and is known to be world’s first actor. Ever since then theatre and drama has evolved as a medium of art and entertainment towards playing a socially responsible role where important messages to society are and have been delivered through theatre. The contemporary world explores research in various disciplines one of which is educational research with children and young people in the field of Education. As such, theatre can play a pivotal role in childhood research to collect rich and layered data. This poster presentation seeks to give an understanding of how theatre and speculative drama could be engaged as arts-based educational research to engage with children and young people.