Listening to the voice of children - From methodologies to actions

Year: 2019

Author: Odier-Guedj, Delphine, Saggers, Beth

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Focus & relevance

An important aspect of a socially just and inclusive world is to ensure there are opportunities to listen to the voice of all students. This is fundamental to an inclusive approach even if the student’s ways of expressing themselves are difficult to understand or interpret or different. It is important therefore to investigate research methodologies that give voice to all children.

Context & Contribution

This research investigates a novel and innovative approach that adds to a growing body of literature in inclusive education and teacher education and research innovation looking at developing methodologies to ensure the voice of children is heard in research.

Design, methods, and results

This presentation reports on a systematic literature review exploring the methodologies used to listen to voices of those children in research projects over the last 10 years. Child-centered methodologies have opened a myriad of opportunities to deploy creative and art resources in order to establish a more natural rapport with a child. Traditional interviews have been adapted depending on the perceptions of the child’s skills in comparison to an adult (Prunty, Dupont and McDaid, 2012) and mediate reliance on the voice by using simple language, augmentative communication, or visual languages for e.g.

Results and Findings

Considering diversity as a foundation from which to create and innovate, we will present key findings in order to offer new perspectives to consider the students' voices as a central component of educational