15 Principals with Changing Needs: The Evolution of a Multi-School Partnership

Year: 2019

Author: Heffernan, Troy

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This paper considers the global and local research concerning university and school partnerships, and compares and contrasts these findings with the Australian Catholic University’s Catholic Teacher Education Consortium (CTEC) Program. With insights provided by Dr Jo Ryan from ACU, the paper analyses university and school partnerships to understand what it looks like when the CTEC Program involves ACU working closely with 15 schools and principals. The paper discusses how stakeholders have their own ideas about what skills pre-service teachers should have during placement, and when they enter the classroom as beginning teachers after graduation. The paper also explores the fundamental aspects of university and school partnerships. The CTEC Program was originally established in part to help direct graduates to more challenging to staff schools due to their geographic locations and distance from the Melbourne CBD. However, as the city has grown and suburbs spread, many of these schools are now in desirable locations which has both caused a shift in the partnership in terms of what principals are looking for in placement and new teachers, and what the university has had to change in its approach to meet these demands.