Connecting and Relating:Making Stories with Film

Year: 2019

Author: Carter, Jenni

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This paper discusses making stories within a film making course for young people. It considers how a group of young people undertook a task of making a film within an accredited certificate course in media arts. This course was identified as an opportunity for young people who had struggles in the schooling system to gain a formal qualification, drawing on an arts -based approach.

An analysis of literacy events within the course attends to a shift from limiting attention to an end point, the completed text, to an understanding of literacy as being in the present, relational, embodied, material and semiotic This matters in times of advanced capitalism where the youth unemployment policy environment is dominated by an austere view of literacy as an employability skill.

The paper examines how the production of a shared story occurred through the forming of relations within pedagogies of trust and respect. Through the concept of intrarelationality (Ceder 2019), storytelling and text production are considered from an interest in process, entanglement, becoming and transformation.