Art and politics in socially just curricula

Year: 2019

Author: Murtic, Dino

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Arts, Politics and Societies is a course that simultaneously uses the ‘art’ as a focus and tool with the aim to set the scene for students’ critical engagement with socio-political environment; both locally and globally. Its curriculum is developed in a way that fosters student’s own understanding of the artistic engagement and political practices that closely related to their cultural and societal backgrounds. The course incorporates personal and historical narratives, social engagement and philosophical interventions that have been influenced or initiated by artistic practices. Students, hence, do accumulate fundamental knowledge about the politics and society (and consequently about the self) through the investigation of specific art forms such as music, photography, comics, film, and new media. Ideally, the course is a canvas for students’ self-exploration over the stances on contemporary local and global issues. Pragmatically, the course is a solid introduction in basic theoretical concepts related to socially engaged arts, politics and the notion of the Other. Fundamentally, the course further develops students’ research, analytical and critical skills; the proficiencies that are always in deficit.