Data cards: A pilot study of higher order thinking in statistics

Year: 1994

Author: Watson, Jane M., Collis, Kevin F., Callingham, Rosemary A., Moritz, Jonathan B.

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

The teaching, learning and assessment of higher order thinking in statistics has become an issue for educators following the appearance of recent curriculum documents in English-speaking countries. These have included chance and data across all years of schooling and have stressed the importance of higher order thinking across all areas of the mathematics curriculum.

As part of a larger study of cognitive functioning in chance and data, an interview protocol based on a set of 16 data cards was developed and trialled with Grade 6 students. The levels of cognitive functioning associated with the outcomes achieved by students completing the task in the two contexts will be discussed using the theoretical framework provided by the SOLO Taxonomy. The implications for classroom teaching will be explored and suggestions will be made for further research.