Learning about the development of feedback literacy of international students

Year: 2019

Author: Olave-Encina, Karen

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

The enrolments of international students in tertiary education in Australia have increased steadily in the last three years. These students face a range of challenges in learning about the new environment and academic requirements. Challenges include understanding, interpreting and acting upon feedback. In this process, they need to adapt and integrate multiple types of prior knowledge. Drawing upon an interpretivist approach, a case study is presented that aimed to capture the student development of feedback literacy. Data collection methods included interviews, and written responses. Analysis of the data was undertaken using a deductive and inductive approach. The analysis of the selected case revealed that the student was active and constructive, developing different levels of metacognitive knowledge in the process of making sense of feedback and building new feedback literacy. This has implications for universities in learning about international students’ learning progression specially in the first year of their studies.