Exploring socially just pedagogy using LEGO® Serious Play® to develop dialogue and cogenerativity in teacher education

Year: 2019

Author: Grimmett, Helen, Heck, Deborah, Willis, Linda-Dianne

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

The workshop provides a practical connection to the practice of cogenerative dialogue and academic agency explored in our research paper session titled “Negotiating dialogic pedagogy in higher education: Cogenerating socially just practices in a teacher education course.” The workshop will use LEGO® Serious Play® methodology to explore the idea of developing socially just pedagogy in teacher education. The workshop will consist of four parts. First, we will introduce participants to LEGO® Serious Play® and explore these as concrete materials and how they can be used to generate metaphors. Second, participants will build a 3D model using LEGO® in response to a building challenge posed based on the conference theme to explore understandings of socially just pedagogy in teacher education. Using the open source process developed for LEGO® Serious Play®, we will engage in deep discussion by sharing and reflecting on the metaphors evident in our 3D models. Third, we will then discuss the value of LEGO® Serious Play® for developing dialogue and reflect on our understanding of socially just pedagogy and academic agency. Finally, the workshop participants will discuss the value and possible opportunities of these approaches for generating and analysing research data in teacher education.