Beginning in the Middle

Year: 2019

Author: Renwick, Kerry, Edwards, Tony

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Within the MYs of schooling young people are increasingly critical of the classroom/school experience while also being selective and self directed about what they are prepared to engage with. A common theme in teacher education and the MYs is the importance of connection and a challenging, exploratory, integrative, and relevant curriculum across subject areas. Understanding the MY student requires a teacher to appreciate both the formation of and changes in identify within young people at this stage of their lives while also working with them to shape their ideas about their futures.

Preparation of teachers to work with young people in the MYs has received varying degrees of attention including assertions that this is a forgotten space in education. This paper reports on research undertaken on teacher preparation program in a Canadian province, specifically to determine the extent to which preservice/teacher candidates are prepared for working in middle schools and with 10 – 14 year olds.