A document analysis of social justice content in a primary teacher education course

Year: 2019

Author: Le, Huong, Hoang, Staley, Bea

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This study explores the scope of social justice teacher education content reflected in two common units and twenty-two core units in one Australian Bachelor of Education Primary course. Using Leximancer, web outlines of units were analysed to identify key word density and prominence, from which interpretation of social justice teacher education was conveyed. The data revealed the low frequency of social justice teacher education-related words and expressions, which generally implied a small account of social justice teacher education issues in the course. The underlying cause for such limited presence of social justice teacher education issues seemed to be vocational skill-oriented principle embedded in the program. However, it cannot be denied that two specific social justice teacher education-oriented units may be seen as course design efforts to incorporate social justice teacher education in the program on the one hand. On the other hand, the study doubts that intent behind social justice principles when social justice is contained in specific units. In short, the findings suggest that social justice teacher education discussion and content is present in the course; nevertheless, its presence is neither as integrated or visible as one might expect from University Strategic documents, nor as strongly aligned with social justice teacher education issues as one would expect given contemporary policies.