Social Justice and The Arts: Guided Tour at Queensland Art Gallery/Museum of Modern Art

Year: 2019

Author: McKnight, Lucinda, Wolfe, Melissa

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Event Four of AARE 2019 Poststructural Theory, the Posts and Beyond: Event Series feat. Professor Bronwyn Davies funded by AARE Poststructural Theory SIG Major Grant 2019

This event provides the opportunity for SIG members to combine with other SIGs to experience the current exhibitions at QAGOMA with an expert guide who will tease out the implications of specific works for posts theory in relation to social justice. Several excellent and highly relevant exhibitions will be on at the gallery in December 2019, with a social justice focus. Many of our SIG members working with poststructuralist, posthumanist and new materialist theory are also interested in arts-based research. As a social event, further opportunities for networking are provided. All welcome!