Posts and Social Justice Transdisciplinary Networking Event feat. Bronwyn Davies

Year: 2019

Author: McKnight, Lucinda, Wolfe, Melissa

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Event Three of AARE 2019 Poststructural Theory, the Posts and Beyond: Event Series feat. Professor Bronwyn Davies funded by AARE Poststructural Theory SIG Major Grant 2019

This event provides the opportunity for members of all interested parties and SIG members to come together to meet, work and forge bonds across disciplinary boundaries, with the specific focus of sharing how we put theory to work in the pursuit of social justice, in our own teaching and research practice. This event allows a voice for all SIG members, and the chance to personally meet Bronwyn and to explore the conference theme together. The way it works is that participants write a current research interest or question on a badge and the event runs as a circle sharing of research, along with a speed dating meet and greet.