Is new materialism incompatible with social justice? Panel Discussion with Professor Bronwyn Davies

Year: 2019

Author: McKnight, Lucinda, Wolfe, Melissa

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Event Two of AARE 2019 Poststructural Theory, the Posts and Beyond: Event Series feat. Professor Bronwyn Davies funded by AARE Poststructural Theory SIG Major Grant 2019

Professor Bronwyn Davies is a leading thinker in the field who has been influenced by poststructural and posthumanist theories. One of the key questions often asked of these theoretical frameworks is where their political agency in affecting change lies, and this is a vital issue for scholars in the area to address in their work, especially in the pursuit of social justice. This event will explore particular cases of action for social justice and what concepts they have mobilised to address disadvantage and injustice. If such concepts depended on humanist concepts to argue their case, how successful (or in part counter-productive) were they, and how else might the issue have been addressed?

This event will build research capacity specifically by debating this common challenge to the validity of SIG members work, giving them a strategic advantage through being able to justify their theoretical frameworks in funding applications. For this panel discussion, the SIG convenors will source questions and issues from the SIG prior to the conference and use these to structure an interactive conversation with our special guest. The session is therefore highly collaborative and inclusive of SIG members. Everyone welcome!