An evaluation of a problem-based learning approach to teaching technology

Year: 1994

Author: Sutton, Ken, Williams, Anthony, Williams, P. John

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This presentation centres on an innovative teaching project that has been implemented for training technology teachers. It is the purpose of the presentation to initially present a rationale for using a problem-based learning (PBL) methodology in technology teacher training, including an historical background, a description of the present situation and the identification of possible future trends.

The PBL methodology developed for the project is described, together with the technological context to which the PBL methodology is applied, namely solar energy as the source of power for a commercially viable product. A model has been developed for the project, including the strategies utilised in implementation, the stimuli used to sustain student interest, and methods of assessment. The evaluation of the project will examine the extent to which the objectives have been achieved and the potential role of this approach in technology education.