Impact of ICT Use in Teaching-Learning at the Technical Institutions of Bangladesh

Year: 2019

Author: Shamim, Muhammad, Rashedul, Huq, Aktaruzzaman, Md

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Information and communication technologies (ICTs) have become usual entities in all aspects of life. Education is a socially-oriented activity and quality education has traditionally been associated with teachers having good personal contact with learners. ICT can be used as a core or a corresponding means to the teaching-learning process. The use of ICT in education lends itself to a more student-centred learning settings. With the world moving rapidly into digital media and information, the role of ICT in education is increasingly becoming more important. ICT refer to the form of technologies that are used to transmit, store, create, share or exchange information. It can play a dynamic role in technical education sector during delivery of learning materials as learners can access knowledge and improve their skills from anywhere and anytime. The purpose of this study was to determine the impact of ICT use in teaching-learning process at the technical institutions of Bangladesh. Survey research design was adopted in the study by the researcher where the teachers of government polytechnic institutes of Bangladesh were considered as population. There are 52 government polytechnic institutes in Bangladesh and the size of the population is almost 1,500. Eight polytechnic institutes were selected from eight administrative divisions. In Bangladesh, instances of ICT use in technical education are not many. Thus, for the convenience of the study, a purposive random sampling was used to obtain a sample of 120. A structured questionnaire was used for collecting data. The questionnaire was validated with experts’ opinions. The data were tabulated in the form of frequency distribution, percentage and weighted average. Collected data were analyzed by the method of inferential statistic and other quantitative approaches and presented in tabular and graphical forms. The research revealed that the use of ICT in teaching-learning process made teaching and learning quite easy, interesting, and time saving than that of traditional way of teaching-learning. More than 70% of technical education teachers strongly agreed that ICTs are essential for enhancing the teaching-learning performance at the polytechnic institutions. The research also suggested stimulating factors such as motivation and attractiveness, which need to be considered in designing ICT-based teaching-learning at the polytechnic institutes of Bangladesh.

Key words: Information and communication technology (ICT), Teaching-Learning, Technical Education (TE), Polytechnic Institutes, Bangladesh.


Muhammad Rashedul Huq Shamim, Assistant Professor & PhD Researcher, Department of Technical and Vocational Education (TVE), IUT, OIC, Dhaka, Bangladesh. E-mail: