Work-related child care for farm families

Year: 1994

Author: Sparrow, Barbara

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Child care provision in rural Australia has been characterised by informal arrangements which often suit neither the families needing care nor the child care providers very well. The Farm Based Child Care Project sponsored by "The Hub", the adult and community education provider in Tallangatta, Victoria, and funded by the Commonwealth Government, aims to report on practical solutions to the problem of quality child care for farm communities in north-east Victoria and south-west New South Wales. Through a process of extensive community consultation, a broadly-based steering committee has recommended that the Commonwealth fund a model of integrated child care based on the concept of multipurpose service funded from one budget.

The author with others has researched children's services in rural New South Wales (1989, 1991). In this paper she will reflect on the approach this project takes to the child care needs of farm families in the context of recent research on rural children's services and the funding of other community services in rural Australia.