Dyslexia - a Hidden Issue with Mental Health

Year: 2019

Author: Caskey, Jacqueline

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

In a recent study of adults who were diagnosed with dyslexia, most of them experienced developmental dyslexia. The twenty-two participants suffered from stress, anxiety or depression, a mental health issue; which further impacted their learning capacity within Technical and Further Education (TAFE). The support came from the Disability Support Officers (DSOs) and the Disability Team in the form of educational strategies and the provision of services for stress and anxiety. The adult students felt their self-esteem, confidence, and ability to achieve their educational goals was supported by the DSOs. Adult students were enrolled in various courses, from Certificate III through to Diploma. Despite the challenges of reading, writing, textual comprehension and spelling, all students passed either the subjects in a course or the course in which they were enrolled. This study utilised multiple case-study methodologies to explore the TAFE Institutes and both respondents, adult students with dyslexia and Disability Service Officer working in the sector.