Dialogic Practices in a Year 5 Mathematics Lesson

Year: 2019

Author: Attard, Catherine, Laird, Alexandra, Grootenboer, Peter

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Teaching in the mathematics classroom involves a lot of talking, and so dialogue is integral to most pedagogical practices in mathematics lessons. Also, for developing ‘mathematical thinking’ and mathematical processes, including ‘reasoning’ and ‘explaining’, there is a need for rich and thoughtful dialogic interactions to be characteristic of lessons. In this presentation we explore and examine the dialogue in a Year 5 mathematics lesson – a ‘typical’ everyday class, by analysing the transcript through two different analytical frameworks: i) Engaging Messages (Munns, 2007); and, ii) the Teacher Scheme for Educational Dialogue Analysis (T-SEDA) (Hennessy et al., 2016). The analysis revealed that there were numerous interactions with nearly fifty percent being student turns, but it was also evident that most of the exchanges followed an Initiation-Response-Feedbackpattern, with a great deal of teacher control. Furthermore, it was not apparent that the dialogic practices of the lesson encouraged student development in the mathematical processes. Together, this supports the contention that there is a need to understand and develop dialogic pedagogies in the mathematics classroom, and how it impacts and influences students’ broader learning in mathematics.