"Collaborative Professionalism": an interactive workshop based on the work of Hargreaves & O'Connor (2018)

Year: 2019

Author: Beveridge, Lorraine, Stevens, Robert

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

In the past quarter century, teaching has made great strides in building more professional collaboration… (Hargreaves, 2018). Collaboration is a term bandied about in all aspects of our work, both in schools and universities. During 2018 the authors participated, alongside other NSW DoE officers, in a literature review on collaborative teaching practice, which investigated what is collaboration, why we collaborate, its benefits and how it is applicable to teaching and learning.

Our current understanding of professional collaboration was stretched during Hargreaves’ recent visit to Australia in which he extended the concept to embrace “collaborative professionalism”. He outlined tenets of collaborative professionalism that distinguishes it from earlier understandings of professional collaboration.

The presenters compiled a workshop based on this work in which we reflect on a framework that outlines the progression from professional collaboration to collaborative professionalism. No profession can serve their communities effectively if its members do not share what they know. Collaborative professionalism is more than working collaboratively.

In this workshop we draw on audience members to unpack the tenets of collaborative professionalism and reflect on what participants can incorporate into their practice that will grow their collaborative professionalism.