The Teachers As Researchers and Practitioners (TARP) professional learning course

Year: 2019

Author: Beveridge, Lorraine, Stevens, Robert

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

The Teachers as Researchers and Practitioners (TARP) professional learning course was designed to assist teachers to better understand what is happening in their own classrooms.This course is underpinned by the work of Lawrence Stenhouse, a British researcher and academic who believed that teachers should investigate their teaching in the laboratory of their classrooms, in order to improve it.

All schools and classrooms share similarities. Juxtaposed to this, schools also have unique cultures and contexts, related to geographic location, community expectations, student learning needs, leadership, teacher quality, and socio-economic status.

In this course teachers reflect on their particular teaching contexts. They are supported in identifying a current problem of practice that they investigate, as outlined by Lawrence Stenhouse and others (Elliott & Norris, 2012; Ruddock & Hopkins, 1987; Kemmis, 1985, 1995, 2005).

Teachers are supported in learning about the rudiments of effective research and in reviewing the relevant literature that addresses their identified problem. They identify practical teaching strategies from the research which address the learning needs of their students. Teachers learn valuable research skills that they are encouraged to share with their students. Throughout the TARP Course participants draw on research to collaboratively inform practice and determine future directions for learning.