Rethinking possibilities for online numeracy professional learning for educators and families

Year: 2019

Author: Walsh, Chris, Bragg, Leicha, Muir, Tracy

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This presentation will showcase The Birth to Level 10 Numeracy Guide (The Guide), an evidence-based Victorian Department of Education and Training (DET) website of curated resources, designed to support educators and families to build and strengthen children and young people’s numeracy capabilities. The Guide includes high-quality, interactive online resources for educators, aligned to the Victorian curriculum frameworks (VEYLDF and Victorian Curriculum) and examples of numeracy across the curriculum. The Guide was co-designed based on a set of research-informed heutagogical principles that were employed to create and build a freely accessible, online professional learning hub. The presentation exemplifies how online learners—both educators and family members—can take on highly autonomous and self-determined roles as they access content designed through double-loop learning where they consider problems and their resulting action(s) and outcome(s). The presentation will illustrate how the co-creative design of The Guide, drawing on the research-based principles of heutagogy, promotes learners’ self reflection and metacognition to influence learners beliefs and actions when it comes to numeracy teaching and learning. The co-creative design of The Guide realises new possibilities for teacher professional development where access, engagement and equity for all learners and communities is achieved. The Guide’s robust and easy to use platform places emphasis on the development of adult learners’ numeracy capacities and capabilities with the goal of producing individuals who are well-prepared for the complexities of teaching numeracy in the 21st century. The presentation will illustrate how The Guide has an inbuilt evaluative component through surveys and interviews that answers pragmatic research questions on how the principles of heutagogy impact on learners’ understandings of the teaching and learning of numeracy. The research investigates effective ways of designing online numeracy learning for educators and parents to rethink online numeracy professional learning for educators and families. Additionally, to provide high quality teacher preparation aligned with the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers, a second phase of the project developed an Open Educational Resource (OER) consisting of six Professional Learning Modules for pre-service and in-service teachers. This OER will also be presented to share how the project team uses technology to explicitly guide educators to reflect on their numeracy teaching and learning practices, thus empowering their professional growth through a freely accessible high-quality professional development resource.