Response-ability: feelingthinkingmaking patterns of gendered dis/comfort in education

Year: 2019

Author: Wolfe, Melissa

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

In this paper I present filmic d(art)a created with high performing Year 10 students that raises questions of how students/teachers/things materialize as determinate witheducational things/spaces/places. This feminist research is concerned with how the categorization of schoolboys and schoolgirls affectively impact on students’ capacities to engage with a range of subject areas. In the nominated filmic d(art)a instances, we(‘we’includes the virtual reader/viewer)feelthink and re/makepatterns of mattering pertaining to two selected school spaces: the physics classroom and the basketball court. This conversation feelthinks with a range of the thirteen individual intra-views (Kuntz & Presnell, 2012) conducted during this project, as well as with the pre-survey responses and post-interview focus group. The re/active documentary methodology (Wolfe 2017; 2018) employed emphasizes a response, entangling with the ever-emerging d(art)a; bodies, things, space, affections anew. It is the response that matters in this research, as the co-consequence of creating what comes to matter. Wefeelthinkmake within relational entanglements mattering capacities of belonging into existence within educational spaces. The filmic re/accounts are diffractive encounters; a multiverse reality in-action; a possible response-able enacting towards new imaginings of justice-to-come (Barad, 2010)