A critical analysis of the current status of Hindi teaching and learning (HTL) in selected Fijian secondary schools

Year: 2019

Author: Kumar, Salesh

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This research sets out to critically analyse the current status of Hindi teaching and learning (HTL) in selected Fijian secondary schools. It will attempt to understand the teaching and learning processes from the perspectives of those involved. The analysis will focus on: the activities and experiences of teachers and students in Hindi lessons; the curriculum materials in use; the implementation of the subject in relation to its philosophy and aims; the factors influencing the work of students and teachers; and the perceptions and concerns of teachers and curriculum officers in relation to classroom practice. The motivation for conducting this research originated from my own experiences as a classroom Hindi teacher and teacher educator for the past 15 years. It will be a great opportunity to participate in the investigation of possible solutions for prevailing problems and challenges in HTL in Fijian secondary schools and contribute to the improvement of student learning outcomes.The study will employ the conventional strategies for collecting qualitative data including (1) intensive participant observation in classrooms, (2) analysis of curriculum documents and materials, (3) semi-structured interviews with teachers and curriculum advisers and these will be further strengthened with the inclusion of one new research method (4) bait'hak.It is hypothesised that there is a wide gap between the aims and intentions of HTL and how these are translated into action; students are getting very little out of the Hindi curriculum. The findings may imply a shift of onus from the teacher to the student. This transfer is what is envisaged most by all contemporary thinkers in education because this is what guarantees concrete and productive learning in the classroom.