The provision of inclusive education in new generation learning environments.

Year: 2019

Author: Page, Angela, Charteris, Jennifer

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

In Australian and New Zealand schools there are evolving pedagogies involving student-centered assessment processes, infused ICTs, and a focus on learner agency where learners are active in their learning. There are innovative and creative learning spaces being designed in schools that are aligned with 21st century learning approaches. These are spaces that have been either redesigned or purpose built. School designs may include learning hubs with open spaces and flexible learning environments.

Building on work in how reconsideration of classroom spaces can influence patterns of teaching and learning, this research investigated how the needs of children with disabilities and/or challenging behaviours were met in schools where there are innovative 21st century learning environments. The research asks specifically, how inclusive education be best provided to students with disabilities and those with challenging behaviours in innovative learning environments.

Students’ and teachers’ beliefs about how inclusion is addressed in New Zealand schooling contexts was explored. Preliminary results using a case study approach with a qualitative design involving interviews, drawing, and photovoice found will be discussed. Further research of the second phase of the study will also be presented.