Exploring the Impact of Role-Play on Students’ Understanding of History:A Study in a Religious Education Classroom in Karachi

Year: 2019

Author: Alamir, Shehzeen

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This paper reports my action research experience of using role-play as a classroom strategy in a Pakistani religious education (RE) context. It is aimed at exploring the impact of role-play in students’ understanding of the History curriculum. Therefore, I looked at students’ perceptions, feelings and experiences regarding role-play by using three data collection methods. These tools include pre and post-research focus group interviews, reflective journals of students and classroom observations, followed by my own reflections. The findings revealed that different forms of role-play influenced students’ levels of engagement with the curriculum in the classroom. I found many advantages in its use as a classroom strategy, namely deeper understanding of the content, development of historical empathy as well as the application of their learning and understanding in their daily lives. While there were challenges in the process of teaching and conducting research, overall, both the students and I felt the positive impact of role-play on our learning.