Waking up to Memmi: A dwam of critical whiteness studies in school curriculum and pedagogy

Year: 2019

Author: Wood, Craig

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Paulo Friere describes conscientization as the synergetic process teacher questioning and researcher cognizance. Tricia Kress describes the activist aims of critical praxis research as working towards self, other, and world transformation. In this performed research I seek to question praxis and take cognizance of whiteness in teacher praxis, with the intention of intervening in praxis and contributing to improved educational outcomes for First Peoples students.

Drawing from Albert Memmi’s (1965) 'colonizer who refuses’ and performed as a dwam, or the state of semiconsciousness preceding sleep, I uncover inscriptions of dominant, racialized narratives from my experiences as a child student and an adult teacher. As research method, my dwam demonstrates a way of disrupting western ways of knowing, to privilege timelessness and placelessness of imagination. In this realm past, present and future fuse as simultaneous moments, theory and practice occupy the same space where each challenges the other, theorists, multiple representations of self, and co-performers engage in dialogue, gaps in data that are drawn from memory are reflexively embraced, multiple truths are crystallized, and critical insight into praxis is deepened