Envisioning a future of Professional and Higher Education (PHE) research

Year: 2017

Author: McLean, Jan

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Researchers in the field of PHE bring a rich diversity of perspectives and approaches to the site of post-compulsory education. Although we are all researching in the PHE space, there is considerable variation across the areas of research interest and approach. While finding commonalities and working across this diversity can be a challenge for the PHE SIG, it is also a strength where different perspectives can enrich and transform how we approach, think about and do research within PHE contexts.

This network event aims to harness our diversity, and highlight the importance of working together to explore themes related to the future of professional and higher education. In this playful event we invite the participants to use a co-design 'maker' approach and foresight techniques to imagine present and futures states of our field, and together to produce some imaginative representations of creative insights gained. The purpose of this exploration is to question the deterministic scenarios circulating in our imaginaries about professional and higher education futures and envision productive alternatives. In doing this, the workshop will also allow the participants to explore shared themes of interest and concern, build connections and, hopefully, open up avenues for potential future collaborations.