Impact of schooling education research on policy and practice in Australia

Year: 2017

Author: Stevens, Robert, Ferguson, Angela, Irvine, Susan, Staton, Sally

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

The Australian Research Council defines research impact as the effect of research beyond academia. By this definition, much Australian schooling research has impacted on policy and practice. In this presentation we examine a number of case studies of research that has impacted on schooling policy and practice in Australia. We will examine the characteristics of this impactful research and consider the conditions under which practitioners and policy makers are most receptive to the findings of research in informing policy and practice. The Symposium will conclude by considering ways to strengthen and deepen the impact of educational research in Australia.

The Symposium will consider the impact of education research from the perspective of the research sector and from the government sector. The presentations will explore:

- The impact of Jenny Gore and James Ladwig's research on quality teaching on policy and practice in NSW and ACT government schools
- How research on student learning and global best practice informed the development of the Framework for Improving Student Outcomes (FISO) for Victorian government schools.
- The role of the education sector to facilitate and achieve research impact, and a case study of research into mandatory rest periods in early childhood education and care services in Queensland.
- The impact of research by Bree Wagner, University of Western Australia, in addressing the effects of Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder.
- How to strengthen and deepen the impact of educational research in Australia in the future.