Dilemmas of first year EAL undergraduate students around feedback and assessment

Year: 2017

Author: Olave, Karen

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

International education is considered the third largest export industry in Australia. An increasing number of international higher education students are choosing Australia as their destination. Many are English as an Additional Language (EAL) students, who come with different cultural backgrounds and diverse previous learning experiences. Thus, several universities have been looking carefully at how to ensure that these students, for whom English is not their first language, develop the skills that allow them to engage and complete their studies successfully. Assessment for learning is seen as an important way of enhancing and promoting students' learning. Feedback, which is considered part of the assessment for learning process, is recognized as beneficial to students' learning. This is part of a qualitative in nature study aiming to understand how students perceive and use feedback. This paper will discuss the dilemmas around feedback and assessment. Cultural and identity building dilemmas will be presented and analysed. The findings have implications for universities to facilitate success for international students and create awareness of students' experiences.