Outcome-based education in progress: An action research project in five schools

Year: 1994

Author: Retallick, John, Clancy, Susan

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

During 1994 a team of "academic associates" from the Centre for Professional Development in Education at Charles Sturt University has been associated with five schools in the Western Region of New South Wales constituting a "roundtable" of the Innovative Links professional development project (funded by the National Professional Development Program).

As co-participants in action research, the academics and teachers have been advancing and researching various agendas of outcome-based education (OBE) in the schools. The introduction of OBE has not been uncontested and neither has it been consistent across the schools. The paper provides the context of the work of the roundtable by outlining the focus and methodology of the project, and reports in more detail on the process of adoption of OBE principles and practice in one primary school where the authors have been the academic associates.