Principals' Experiencing Time: Reports from a pilot study

Year: 2017

Author: Eacott, Scott, Stemler, Scarlett, Moses, Joshua

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Principals' time use has emerged as a serious issue in an era of declining school outcomes. Enduring struggles to attract enough high quality applicants for positions, declining well-being and burnout of existing principals, and workforce profiles indicate a forthcoming generational shift in Australian school leadership. However, little is known of how principals experience their time.

Building from previous AARE presentations that have outlined the theoretical resources (Fremantle, 2015) and methodological and design principles (Melbourne, 2016), this symposium draws an empirical project aiming to synthesize and characterize how principals' experience their working day. This project, and by virtue the symposium, will provide foundational understanding of principals' experiences of time, and new, empirically supported foci for interventions designed to prepare and develop school leaders.