Determining research productivity of education academics

Year: 1994

Author: Print, Murray, Hattie, John

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

In recent years demands for educational accountability have grown significantly and been presented in many forms. Research productivity amongst universities has become a major issue, particularly with the outcomes of the recent Quality Review. Academic educators are entwined in these activities and have become increasingly concerned about the ramifications of attempts to determine research productivity.

This research represents the second phase in an investigation which examines the research productivity of Australia's education academics. The first phase examined the publication productivity of academics over recent years, an approach favoured by most university faculties. A significant problem which emerged from this research was the lack of variability in determining research productivity. This was particularly important as publications reflected but one, albeit the most significant, part of our research productivity.

The second phase has been the construction of an instrument to gauge what educators, particularly educational researchers, believe more accurately reflects their research activities. Data have been collected and analysed and we are able to report preliminary findings.