Initial teacher education in Australia: An early report on a study in progress

Year: 1994

Author: Preston, Barbara, Walker, James C., Traill, Ronald, Mitchell, James

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

The Australian Council of Deans of Education has commissioned the Centre for Research in Professional Education at the University of Canberra to carry out a survey of initial teacher education programs in Australia. The project arose out of a recognition that significant developments are occurring in initial teacher education in the context of a thin public knowledge base.

The study, backed by a strong reference group representing all stakeholders in teacher education, was initiated in mid-1994 and has commenced with consultations with the reference group and teacher educators, and a documentary analysis of course outlines and other materials supplied by teacher education institutions. The content analysis of this material forms the basis for research questions to be followed up in interviews with university staff, system authorities and other relevant people.

This paper will report on progress with documentary analysis and feedback from the reference group and people working in teacher education.