Post-graduate student grades and unit evaluation: is there a relationship between student unit feedback and their final unit grade?

Year: 2017

Author: Pullen, Steven, Collette, J

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

between student unit feedback and their final unit grade?
Within teaching and education sectors it has been recognised and shown that amongst other aspects such as content and pedagogical knowledge, teacher quality influences student achievement (Boman & Kimball, 2005; Rozina, Noor & Mohamed, 2016). In determining the effectiveness of the teaching and content educators have used, amongst other things, student surveys of teaching and content effectiveness. Commonly these types of student evaluations of teaching are used by teachers and institutions to monitor the effectiveness of the teaching instruction and as a mechanism for course quality assurance. Indeed, this is because students themselves rate their teachers (Cashin, 1995; Felder, 1992; Kong, 2014).
This presentation will focus on postgraduate education students evaluations (eVALUate) of unit content, teaching and the students final unit grades covering the years 2013 to 2015. In total 245 postgraduate units were examined representing 2430 individual eVALUations. Findings from the study, which used descriptive statistics and ANOVA, revealed that overall students were satisfied with their teachers/units regardless of their GPA. This presentation will discuss some of the findings and what they mean for students, academics and higher education in general.