Prospecting nature, sustainability and wellbeing intersects for socioecological learning

Year: 2017

Author: Widdop Quinton, Helen

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Increasingly sustainability and natural environment conservation discourses are coupling ecological systems with social/cultural processes. In this climate of socioecological positioning of environmental and sustainability education, this paper will explore cross-cutting themes and potentially productive points of intersection between psychological/sociological perspectives and nature connectedness. Drawing on Ingold's conceptualising of humans as 'biosocial becomings' (2013); Harraway's 'naturecultures' (2003); White, Rudy and Gareau's 'hybrid social natures' (2015); Seligman's concept of 'flourishing' (2011); plus recent research with adolescents and pre-service teachers, this paper will pose socioecological ways of learning and being that promote personal and planetary wellbeing.