School values and teachers' feelings: A LISREL model

Year: 1994

Author: Pang, Nicholas Sun-Keung

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

In research about organisational culture, qualitative methods are the traditional ones, and quantitative assessment of organisational culture is controversial. However, when organisational culture is interpreted as layers of assumptions, values and norms, different layers of culture are amenable to different research methods.

In this study, part of doctoral research based on a sample of schools in Hong Kong, an attempt was made to build a structural model of the relationships between school values and teachers' general feelings about school life. The study employed quantitative methods with a self-constructed, standardised instrument, School Values Inventory (SVI), to assess organisational values in schools in terms of bureaucratic linkage and cultural linkage. Structural equation modelling using the LISREL computer program was employed to analyse the data. The result of the study was a structural model of school values: the Linkages Model. This Linkages Model indicates that cultural linkage in schools promotes teachers' feelings of commitment, job satisfaction, sense of community and order and discipline, whereas bureaucratic linkage undermines such feelings.