Educational Leadership Theory

Year: 2017

Author: Niesche, Richard, Gowlett, Christina, Eacott, Scott, English, Fenwick, Evers, Colin, Lakomski, Gabrielle

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This symposium is based on the new book series, Educational Leadership Theory, co-edited by Scott Eacott and Richard Niesche, and published by Springer. This book series provides a forum for internationally renowned and emerging scholars whose ongoing scholarship is seriously and consequentially engaged in theoretical and methodological developments in educational leadership, management and administration. Its primary aim is to deliver an innovative and provocative dialogue whose coherence comes not from the adoption of a single paradigmatic lens but rather in an engagement with the theoretical and methodological preliminaries of scholarship. Importantly, Educational Leadership Theory is not a critique of the field - something that is already too frequently - instead, attention is devoted to sketching possible alternatives for advancing scholarship. The choice of the plural 'alternatives' is deliberate, and its use is to evoke the message that there is more than one way to advance knowledge. The books published in Educational Leadership Theory come from scholars working at the forefront of contemporary thought and analysis in educational leadership, management and administration. In doing so, the contributions stimulate dialogue and debate in the interest of advancing scholarship. Each of the papers comprising the symposium is based on current and forthcoming books in the series.