Relationships between wellbeing, homework club and academic performance. The moderating role of parental background.

Year: 2017

Author: Bishop, Kaylene, Bishop, Kevin, Pullen, Darren, Swabey, Karen

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Relationships and correlations between student subjective well-being, support programs (e.g., home clubs) and academic performance are a complex hotchpotch due to the presence of many moderating factors. Consequently, this study investigated the relationship between student academic performance as measured by NAPLAN and School Grades, student subjective well-being as measured by wellbeing survey, homework club through weekly attendance and the moderating effect of parental background. Socioeconomic demographic data on a suburban secondary high school (grade 7 and 9) in Queensland were mapped against a student well-being survey and their academic record. The results found that well-being was not directly related to academic performance (NAPLAN and School Grades). However, the study found that home club and parental background influenced academic achievement. Implications of the study are discussed.