Shared leadership: A key to school improvement

Year: 2017

Author: Wallace, Sue, Bishop, Kaylene, J-F, Pullen, Darren, Swabey, Karen

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Shared leadership is a salient and indirect way of influencing student outcomes and fostering a quality learning environment. Shared leadership involves being articulate in a value-based and vision-driven collaborative manner to influence the way of doing things by understanding the needs of the community from teachers to students to parents. While claims are made of what effective leadership styles are, pragmatic and realistic contexts must be appraised. The following is a case-study of leadership from an independent state school in Queensland. This paper will report what aspects of shared leadership have led to increased staff morale, improved student outcomes and the fostering of a culture where students and parents feel a sense of belonging. The paper will primarily discuss the role of Principal in terms of how the Principal mobilised quality school leaders at all levels of schooling, through their personal narrative.