Internationalisation of Teacher Professional Learning in Intercultural Competence: A Connectivist Perspective

Year: 2017

Author: Thi Khoi Bui, Nguyen

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Whilst internationalisation has rapidly become a fundamental policy component of most tertiary institutions, its strong emphasis on teaching and learning in culturally diverse settings presents an urgent need for teacher professional development in intercultural competence that enables teachers to work with and prepare their students for global engagement. With the growth of various open online learning formats, teacher professional learning is no longer an individualistic or localised activity but a promotion of connections for networked learning outside one's current state of knowledge and beyond the local geographical barriers. However, most of existing studies on networked professional learning are limited to examining social networks or personal learning networks within non-formal or informal educational settings (i.e., Holmes et al., 2013; Maci