Professional territories in open learning environments - examining collaborations between teachers and social pedagogues

Year: 2017

Author: Frelin, Anneli, Grannas, Jan

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

Teachers collaborate with various professionals within the educational environment. Traditionally, there has been a physical division of labour symbolized by the classroom door, meaning that teachers have mainly operated in the classroom and other professions, such as special educators and school guidance counsellors have worked in other areas in the school. Open learning environments (OLE) remove this clear physical division and calls for new professional challenges and opportunities.
The aim of this paper is to examine how two groups of education professionals, teachers and so called social pedagogues (para-professionals working with social aspects of students' school environment) perceive their roles and negotiate the relationships and spaces in a newly built OLE school. The analysis is inspired by sociomaterial perspectives (Fenwick, Edwards & Sawchuck, 2011; Mulcahy, Cleveland & Aberton, 2015), using the analytical concept professional territory, which consists of the school staff's conceived task perception, the social transaction and the appropriated physical space where interaction takes place (Biesta & Burbules, 2003; Grann