Not yet Here, Queer and Now for Sexualities and Schooling

Year: 2017

Author: Coll, Leanne, Charlton, Emma

Type of paper: Abstract refereed

This paper represents our collective engagements and productive struggles with queer pedagogical-methodological (im)possibilities, both within and beyond the classroom. Following in the footsteps of queer theorists-pedagogues before us, we approach queerness as a horizon, a unique opportunity to experiment, take risks, explore new forms of undoing, and to move-be-think-do otherwise. We begin by attending to the ways that researchers-educators in the field of sexualities and schooling are pushing these conversations forward, followed by two vignettes from our own work. Our intention in sharing these vignettes is to slow down and expose some of the methodological-pedagogical processes that guide our work, our attempts to stay in the moment that trouble creates and the challenge of staying in that moment to learn from it. This paper suggests that embracing new forms of inquiry requires that, as researchers-educators, we continue to think critically about our tools and demands that we reflect actively upon our own practice.